D-VIEW has the most extensive industrial display client base, products are widely applied in places like airport terminal/station waiting hall, industrial site, workshop, automated production line etc., such as instrumentation, HMI, recording equipment, oscilloscopes. Main dimensions ranging from 5.7 to 17 inches. D-VIEW is capable of providing high quality displays and total solutions including: display terminals, display modules, solution packages, driver boards, etc., according to customer demands.

              Full range customization service

              D-VIEW is capable of providing all kinds of display solution for industrial client, eg: display terminals, display modules, solution packages, driver boards and software as well. 

              Multi-dimension available


              D-VIEW provides display products range from 10.4 to 24" according to customers' request.


              Support multi-signal


              D-VIEW provides DVI, VGA, DP, HDMI, USB and other interfaces to facilitate customers with different signal connections.

              Various TP available

              D-VIEW could provide various TP, including resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen, surface acoustic wave touch screen, based on customer request,and multi-touch solutions as well, with reliable quality and reasonable price.




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