Cloud Imaging Total Solution


              With the digitalization of medical technology, many medical imaging data have achieved storage in the cloud. In this case, users could get access to medical imaging data from the cloud via scanning a QR code authorized, which definitely bring great convience to patients. D-VIEW has released Imageing Cloud Box & Imaging Cloud Terminal 2 products for different appilcation.


              1、Integrated total solution, adapted to different scenario
              2、Signal auto switch with onekey/scan, easy operation

              3、Image autoloading, save time
              4、Imaging display conform to DICOM standard
              5、Intranet/internet switching: Embedded 2 OPS modules, physical isolation network to ensure infomation safety
              6、Reliable industrial grade mainframe
              7、Lightweight, high integration, convenient layout


              Film in the cloud, cloud imaging/Cloud PACS
              Scene one: keep the current office equipment, and add digital film scanning, you may choose "Imaging Cloud Box";
              Scene two: upgrade the professionalism of film reading terminal, improve the clienliness of office environment, you may choose "Imaging Cloud terminal"
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